Hi my name is Petra Lewis and I have been in the fitness industry since 2000. I have qualified as an LTA Level 2 tennis coach and run my own business as a tennis coach. Following the successful launch of Cardio tennis I have realised how much I enjoy the fitness aspect and helping people to reach their fitness goals. As a result I have decided to get my UK qualification in the fitness industry and got my Personal Trainer Diploma in 2013. Later I started to have lower back pain and various health issues which led me to discover the healing power of Pilates and Qigong. I am passionate about making a difference to people’s lives by improving their health and fitness. I am continuing my Professional Development by attending seminars, workshops and refresher courses each year, so I can help more people achieve the fitness, health and body desired. 


  • LEVEL 2 Gym instructor
  • Personal Trainer Diploma
  • CYQ Award in Circuit Training
  • BootCamp Fitness Instructor Award
  • BootCamp Fitness Instructor Advanced Workshop Award
  • Insanity Instructor Award
  • Boxercise Instructor Award
  • Pre and Postnatal  Fitness Award
  • Piyo Instructor Award
  • Fitness Pilates instructor
  • Pilates for Back care
  • Level 3 Pilates Award
  • Pelvic floor and core restore
  • Qigong instuctor